About Rajzefiber Biro

RAJZEFIBER BIRO is a nanotouristic bureaux placed in the old city centre of Maribor that    provides and produces performative, educational, all-sensual local experience of Maribor. It provides and produces co-creative memorabilia - ART-FACTS, made by most special local artists and craftsmen.

It is a melting pot, a platform that constantly researches and follows the needs of co-creators of touristic/cultural/artistic activities. 

It avoids formality and collects endless experiences.

Rajzefiber biro is an idea of the team that also co-creates Living courtyards programme (www.ziva-dvorisca.si). The idea started evolving in february 2014 as a project within the #nanotourism research group for 24th Biennale of design Ljubljana – BIO50.

The group (Katja Beck Kos, Maja Pegan, Kaja Pogačar, Robert veselko, Nadja dodlek, Tajša Perović) developed the concept of nanotouristic agency whose specific is INFORMAL and PERSONALISED approach to tourism. It is called Rajzefiber – which means the anxiety before travel (eng: Travel nerves, Travel fever) and was derived from the German word ‘Reisefieber’ that was commonly used between Slovene people, especially those living near the Austrian border, such as the inhabitant of the city of Maribor.

The project was developed as extremely SITE SPECIFIC – not only in terms of experiencing the local environment, but also as a reaction toward many problems that the city of Maribor is facing. Since the 90’s it is characterized by high unemployment and related social problems, depopulation, development stagnation, which amongst others resulted in many empty and underused places (stores, courtyards) located in the very centre of the city. On the other hand there are many young (unemployed) creative people who have good ideas and would like to work and improve the current state of art. Combining both aspects we used the concept of the nanotouristic agency as a kind of URBAN CATALYST, by which we could inhabit unused and empty spaces of the city, promote small economies and give people a professional recognition and a possibility to work (SOCIAL aspect). The project is SITE SPECIFIC, as it is LOCAL also because it focuses on discovering untypical location in the city, hidden, marginal sites (like courtyards, underground tunnels, unfinished building sites, …), and not main touristic attractions. It is promoted as LOCAL as it engages interesting and unusual local people in terms of hosting (including anyone who wants to join and has something interesting to offer), implementation of performative-tours by locals, as well as employing most special local artists and craftsman (such as Nadja Dodlek, Nataša Berk and others), and thus trying to achieve a special experience of the city.

The concept enhances also other commonly defined characteristics of nanotourism. It is PARTICIPATORY, which means that the visitor is not regarded as a common consumer, but is invited to co-create. Co-creation can happen in many different ways, starting from exchange of knowledge and information, up to co-creation of memorabilia (souvenirs, post-cards, intentionally unfinished city-maps), or being an active part in different events. 

The agency was developed and still is by BOTTOM UP principles and organization. It is not an institution that provides the products/services, it is the locals that make it happen and they locals create “the institution”.

RAJZEFIBER BIRO is characterized by being CRITICAL, since it operates as a critique toward uncreative and impersonalized mass tourism by being INVENTIVE in all terms. This implies constant research of touristic/cultural/artistic services and providing up to date answer regarding detected obstacles/problems/questions. Finally as all tourist agencies it builds a an EDUCATIVE platform that is specially related to creative sector (artists, perfomers, designers, craftsman).

* "Reisefieber" is also a song by Die Toten Hosen. It's the only single and the fourth track from their debut album Opel-Gang.

The song is about a man who likes to travel a lot and is adventurous, but goes too far to sea and is killed by a wave. A while after the discovery of his body, everything goes on normally for everyone else.