Many urban legends and clichés circulate about Maribor and its people. Some of them certainly are true, but many do not hold water. Often we hear that the city is grey and nothing happens; that we totter after the others, the once who are significant and richer ... more beautiful cities. Maribor is far from perfect and orderly as some other towns; it is a bit disordered, scraped and rugged, but it is ours and we like it exactly as it is.

Above all, it is NOT grey and boring! Under his subdued surface, life is always sizzling. It hides a lot of stories and niches, so that we can rightly say that Maribor is a metropolis. Even though it is just Styrian.

We have everything they have big and maybe even more. You do not believe it? Then the Festival of walks is right for you.

Between March 26th and March 31st, there will be more than thirty free walks on the city streets, underground trenches, markets, and you will get to know the stories and legends that make Maribor so “mariborian”, so very much ours. We also took care of studious walks in the evenings, where we will take a walk around Maribor through the topics on literature, creative tourism, walking, industrial heritage or even on a hill where everything started - the Pyramid. In the meantime, you will be able to create your own touristic product in our laboratory; finally on the last day we will present the Rajzefiber awards and, with our tired legs, gate at Maribor in moving pictures.

And to all the first time visitors of the city: come with us the walkers, who cherish this city, discover the dusty niches and unspoken stories! Let us introduce to you the diversity of Maribor, its medieval and bourgeois faces, and the strong industrial and labour legacy, its creative urbanity, which is interweaved with the relaxed greenery of our soft hills and thus provides room for different, crazy stories.

We are convinced that none of the visitors of the Festival of walks will ever again say that Maribor is a grey city and that nothing happens here. Moreover, we are convinced that, you will become an active walker and become infatuated with our town at the river.

* walks:

SSKJ: slow, calm walking for exercise; relaxing; usually outdoors

Festival of walks – the term “walks” is used as a name for different experiences, city guided tours by locals, which we call strollers. Walkers are people who live with the city and know his stories; some of them are also professional tourist guides.

Festival of Walks is organized by Maribor is the Future, Cooperative Vivid City and House’s program Rajzefiber.

All walks are free, but due to the limited number of participants, reservation is compulsory over THIS PAGE or phone number 08 386 77 76 from 10.00 to 18.00.

Of course, walkers will appreciate basking contributions. The walks with included tastings  are covered by the participants themselves.

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