Surprise Walk


We do not want to disclose all our secrets!

And since we know that many of us like to be surprised, we prepared a surprise walk every day at noon. You can sign up for it, but you will get to know what this walk is about once you arrive at the starting location. We wish you a lot of pleasure!

Days of the Walk: Thursday @ 1pm; Friday @ 1pm; Saturday @ 2pm

The Cemetery of Pobrežje


Learn interesting stories and symbols. As part of the 2019 Festival of walks, we invite you to get acquainted with the cemetery through one of the many routes available over the mobile application ARTOUR.

Famous personalities, sports legends, symbols of fate, religion or professions allow you to get to know our city in a completely new way.

At the chapel, you can see a documentary exhibition of the life of one of the city's most successful athletes.

Days of the Walk: Tuesday to Sunday, from 8am till 6pm