Elementary School and Modern Technology

OŠ in moderna tehnologija.jpg

Can we learn from the youngsters who are just stepping on their path? New, all-embracing technologies and content that surround us as satellites in space are disturbing for some people, but without them, we do not function. Together with their mentor, three pupils of the Elementary School Drago Kobal, prepared a walk around the Pyramid in a more characteristic, youth attractive way. With the help of smart phones, we will get to know the past of the castle and other sights of the city, which are seen from the platform in front of the chapel. Together we will make something good for the body and spirit.

Walkers: Jaš Heler, Tin Černe, Sergej Kostić, Aleks Pavlič, Marko Škrinjar and mentors Marjetka Berlič and Mojca Borin

Duration: 1 Hour

Day of Walk: Friday @ 12am