Walking the Paths of Photographer Ivan Dvoršak

14. Ivan Dvoršak, Pasanti, ok 1975, čb fotografija, last UGM, foto Damjan Švarc.jpg

Ivan Dvoršak (1934–2013) was one of the most important Slovenian photographers of the second half of the 20th century, and an acclaimed graphic designer. He was one of the first to establish the modernist principles in photography and left an important mark in Slovenian photography. Despite his typical remoteness and taciturnity, his photographs never lack a personal note, allowing a subtle insight into the artist’s frame of mind. He was a photographer of his own back yard, as most of his pictures were taken in Maribor and its suburbs, in which he recognized an exceptional expressive potential. UGM curator Andreja Borin, who prepared the retrospective exhibition of Dvoršak's work in 2015, is going to confront today's locations with the motives (of which many have already vanished) from original photographs, as well as present the many interesting stories behind their emergence and expose their visual qualities.

Walker: Andreja Borin, Senior Curator UGM

Duration: 1,5 Hours

Day of Walk: Wednesday @ 1pm