Andrić in Maribor Penitentiary


For months, from August 1914 to March 1915, Ivo Andrić survived as a prisoner in a Maribor penitentiary, where he started writing his first book, Ex Ponto. Also some the letters were retained he wrote while living there.

The University Library Maribor and the Maribor Library participated in the setting up of the traveling exhibition of the Local History Museum Travnik (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on Andric's stations in life, where more than 100 years ago, the book Ex Ponto was created. The exhibition was opened in February 2019 at the University Library Maribor.

Both libraries now invite you for a walk to the former penitentiary of Maribor. Dr. Jerneja Ferlež from UKM will briefly present the history of the building; and Semir Atić from the Maribor Library and Silva Belšak from UKM will read Andrić's poems and letters he wrote there.

Walkers: dr. Jerneja Ferlež, Semir Atić, Silva Belšak

Duration: 1,5 Hours

Day of the Walk: Thursday @ 12pm