The Northern Lights - on the Path of Janchar's Novel

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Maribor, a city located halfway between Vienna and Trieste, at the juncture of the Slavic and Germanic world, is a city that has more than others experienced ascents and falls through the blank turmoil of history. In the novel of Drago Jančar, The northern light, the city got its own literary monument, as much bigger and more famous cities do not have.

Jančar’s world in The northern lights; Maribor before the Second World War is a silence, "which was floating with shivering above Mittelevropa, resonating from the walls of the Prague streets, and below, shockingly capturing and biting the banks of Devin".

Walkers: Zora A. Jurič & Jerneja Ferlež

Duration: 1,5 Hours

Day of the Walk: Thursday @ 4pm