Rafting Learning Trail

Splavarska učna pot.jpg

The quiet and quiet river divides the city on two banks and carries a wide variety of stories. You can get to know about the flossers that the Drava used to serve as the main traffic vessel on the Splavar Learning Trail. Before our places were flooded by cars, trains and trucks, it served as the main route for transportation of wood and other material all the way to the Black Sea. Rafting offered seasonal work to more than 500 rafters who received dangerous pay for their hard and sometimes dangerous work.

Get to know the ethnological gem, which is still carefully preserved today by the living mariborski flea market, and go along with them for a walk in the company of the Drava and the Flosar stories.

Walker: Zlatko Jesenik, Tourist Association Maribor

Duration: 1,5 Hours

Day of the Walk: Saturday @ 3pm