Sensory Urban Adventure

Senzorična mestna dogodivščina.jpg

A multisensory urban experience takes your eyes bound to the city. Suddenly there is nothing more than it seems. What is the city pulse when you're not just a passive observer? Does our perception of time change? Is a new way of stepping on the streets of the old city developing? We know where we are? The visitor, through a different way of discovering the streets of the city, its sights, history, stories, present, sounds, smells and tastes, tells the city what it is saying. These messages are diverse, everlasting, but at any moment different, but above all so everyday, that they often remain ignored. It is necessary to stop, to calm down, to listen to events around us for a moment and to break it through our own experiences, perceptions and ideas.

Walker: Barbara Izlakar

Duration: 2 Hours

Day of Walk: Wednesday @ 12am