The Droplet Disappears, the Statue Leaves

Kapljica izgine otroci.JPG

We will meet the National Liberation Monument, which was accepted by the citizens of Maribor as an important recognizable symbol of the city. How much does the monuments weigh? Who created it? What is its shape? Who are the persons to whom the monument is dedicated? Why did the townsfolks named it Kojak? We will seek answers to these questions through multichannel and multimodal guidance. With the help of the ground plan of the Square of Freedom, we will learn about monument's interaction with space, explore the artist's creative process, and learn about his collaborators. The walk is adapted for the blind and visually impaired. 

Walkers : Ajda Sitar and Urška Lešnjak

Duration: 1,5 Hours

Day of Walk: Thursday @ 11am