Rajzefiber Shoe, Walking Stick and Shoe Lace


SUNDAY, 31.3.2019 @ 7pm




For this year's Festival of Walks, we Rajzefibers, decided to conclude the festival as a chic: by awarding prizes.

Rajzefiber Shoe

This Rajzefiber Shoe will be given to a walk, which will receive the highest rating from the participants of the walk. After the end of each walk, visitors will be invited to rate the walk with grades from one to ten. If there are more walks with the same rating, the Rajzefiber Shoe will be awarded to the walk with the most participants.

Rajzefiber Walking Stick

The Rajzefiber Walking Stick will be awarded to the most loyal participant of our Festival of Walks. The prize will be awarded to the walker, who will participate on the most walks. How will we achieve this? Every visitor will receive a card where they can gather stamps, given after every walk. If at the end of the festival there will be more visitors with the same amount of stamps, all of them will receive the Walking Stick.

Rajzefiber Shoe Lace

The purpose of our Festival of Walks is not just to show and present the nicest corners of our city, also to draw attention to the city's black spots. The Rajzefiber Shoe Lace will be awarded the part of the city, which will receive the most criticism from the participants of our walks. This award I given with the hope, that such spots will decline in number in future years.